Visitors are welcome to our meetings and Festivals. Emulation Lodge of Improvement is a Master Masons’ Lodge. EAs and FCs are not eligible to attend and all attendees must be subscribing members of a regular Lodge.

On your first visit to Emulation Lodge of Improvement, unless you are being introduced by a member, you should arrive just before 6.00 pm to leave enough time to be ‘proved’ in the three degrees. If you are from overseas, you will need the appropriate paperwork as if you were visiting a regular Lodge in the English Constitution.

Dress code is ‘smart casual’ and you will need to wear a jacket and tie. If you do not have a tie, one will be provided. You will not need to bring any regalia as this is supplied by Emulation. Only members of the Committee wear aprons denoting their rank. All other Brethren will be supplied with either a Master Mason or Past Master apron, as is appropriate. Gloves are not worn.

You will be asked to sign in and pay the appropriate dues, which are 50p for Visitors and 10p for Members. The payment is made in the ante-room, prior to entering the Lodge, and is acknowledged by the issue of a token – red for Visitors and white for Members. These tokens are collected in the Lodge by the Deacons, prior to Calling Off.

You may apply for membership on your first visit to Emulation Lodge of Improvement by completing an application form and handing it to the Secretary. The cost of membership for life is 50p.

Ritual and/or Lecture books are NOT allowed in the Lodge room and prompting is strictly forbidden by anyone other than the Preceptor for the evening.

Please note that it is only the Preceptor, sitting in the chair normally occupied by the IPM in a regular Lodge, who says SMIB, the rest stay silent.

Emulation Lodge of Improvement is a ‘demonstration Lodge’ and, as such, demonstrates each of the Ceremonies, in rotation, as near as possible to the standard laid down in the original working prepared by the Lodge of Reconciliation and approved by Grand Lodge in 1816.

The programme of work will advise on which ceremonies are to be demonstrated throughout the year.