Programme of Work 2021

Should a member wish to work an Office in a Ceremony, arrangements should be made via the Secretary.

2021 CeremonyLecture
October  1 First degree and Charge [1]Section 1 of 2nd Lecture
   8Second degree and Tracing BoardSection 1 of 3rd Lecture
 15Third degreeSection 1 of 1st Lecture
 22InstallationSection 3 of 1st Lecture
 29First degree and ChargeSection 4 of 2nd Lecture
November  5Second degree and Tracing BoardSection 2 of 1st Lecture
 12Third degreeSection 5 of 2nd Lecture
 19InstallationSection 7 of 1st Lecture
 26First degree and ChargeSection 3 of 3rd Lecture
December  3Second degree and Tracing BoardSection 4 of 1st Lecture
 10Third degreeSection 2 of 2nd Lecture
 17InstallationSection 6 of 1st Lecture


[1]        The first Friday in October each year is “Committee Night”.  The chairs of WM, SW and JW (and ME when the ceremony is that of Installation) will be filled by members of the Committee.  The SW of the evening will normally act as Lecture Assistant.